The up and coming Census 2021 includes a Veterans’ question for the first time.  The aim is to provide detail to aid better understanding of the Armed Forces community to enable delivery of the best possible support by Local Authorities, charities and partners.  The Armed Forces community (veterans) question will be asked to all respondents aged 16 years and over.  Everyone who has served 1 day in the Armed Forces (regular and / or reserve) should identify themselves as being a veteran.  The question has been introduced as part of the Armed Forces Covenant.

Charles Byrne, Director General of The Royal British Legion:

The fact that a military question will be in the 2021 Census will significantly improve our understanding of the Armed Forces community which up until now has been very limited.  It will ensure that we, along with other charities and service providers, can deliver the best service possible to them when and where it is needed most.

If you are a Veteran, please complete the question.  More information can be found via the following Office for National Statistics Press Release