If you or someone you know is a member of the military community who requires access to services from support organisations or charities, you can do so using the Veterans and Families Service Directory, via Veterans’ Gateway; there’s access to support and advice in direct assistance with health, housing, employment, education, finances, personal and family relationships.

Leaving the Armed Forces impacts both the family and Service leaver.  The sooner you can think about your life on civvy street (housing, finances, employment, education, physical health and mental wellbeing) the better, and preferably plan early before leaving the Armed Forces.  The Veterans’ Gateway provides help with families’ transition from military to civilian life.  More information can be found here.

Whether you are a family currently serving, in transition to leave or have returned to civvy street, there’s practical, financial and emotional support via SSAFA.  Moreover, the Service’s Families Federations provide excellent support:

Support can also be found at leading charities such as the Royal British Legion, Help for Heroes, RAF Benevolent Fund and many more.  Various APPs are now available which provide great support, some tailored to local needs:

  • The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust
  • Veterans’ Gateway
  • Forces Connect

The Ministry of Defence Discount Service provides discounts for all members of the military community and is free to access.

The Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club is simple concept that now provides a nationwide network of clubs, that allows like-minded people to meet and share stories over breakfast.  There are clubs up and down the United Kingdom as well as overseas.